Eva Mini is born, the home oil robot in the house! The Sun 24 Hours!

Milan, 25 Nov. (askanews) - Oil always fresh, as coming out of the mill. Eva Mini is the domestic robot that allows you to have freshly produced oil on the table: drops that are frozen a few hours after extraction, then thawed by the robot a few minutes before ending up on the table. Antonio Pagliaro, founder of Fresco.


Eva is the world's first mini-crusher. It allows us to enter every day in a mill to enjoy fresh oil, as freshly squeezed thanks to a unique and proprietary technology. We go to insert small drops of oil preserved in cryogenesis, so as to block all nutritional values and all the taste.

Read on here... https://stream24.ilsole24ore.com/video/italia/nasce-eva-mini-robot-domestico-che-fa-olio-casa/ACgoZE1

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