Food: the domestic olive oil crusher arrives ready in a few minutes. -

A real 'min crusher' to have extra virgin olive oil as just extracted in their own kitchen, at every moment of the year. It is called Eva mini, the domestic robot that gives birth to fresh oil in a few minutes, simply pressing a button. To officially launch the first espresso oil machine on the market and online with the project called 'Olio Fresco' is the new smart food company Fresco which, led by a young Calabrian team and supported by partners (such as Metro Group and Techstars) and health-conscious investors (including footballers Ciro Immobile and Antonio Nocerino) is spreading throughout Italy redefining the health market food with its farm-frozen products.

Made with the support of the University of Calabria and Crea, Research Centre for Olive and Olearia Industry, Eva mini allows you to make fresh oil using the drops of oil created by Fresco. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, Fresco is able to frozen the drops of oil, just hours after the mill mining, thus blocking all the taste and nutritional values of the product.


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